Let The Pros Process Your Lumber

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When you have a tree cut down, you're left with a bulky and unwieldy log. You can have it hauled away, but you don't want to waste perfectly good lumber. Hire Live Edge Lumber Company to turn your log into workable wood instead.

With a large oven and all the tools needed for sawmilling, we can take the roughest tree trunk and turn it into wood you can use for a crafting or construction project. All you have to do is bring us the log and we'll take the time to process it properly.

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How the process works

How the process works

Preparing wood takes time. But you can rest assured that we'll go the distance for your lumber. Our milling process includes:

  • Sawing, sectioning, edging and trimming your log into workable boards
  • Leaving the wood in our large kiln for 1-3 months to remove moisture without causing defects
  • Packaging the finished wood to keep it in good condition and make it easy to transport

If you have logs that are already milled, we can also take care of the drying process in our wood burning kiln. Make an appointment by calling 337-534-4693 or click the button below to request an estimate.