Crafting Custom Furniture Yourself?

A Live edge lumber supplier in Lafayette, LA can help

Millions of people enjoy carpentry as a hobby and build their own tables, chairs and décor.
Turning raw lumber into a work of art is satisfying. But turning raw wood into workable slabs takes more equipment than the average craftsman has.

Live Edge Lumber Company in Lafayette, LA provides a variety of live-edge lumber cutting and edging services and can create the boards you need. You can browse through our large inventory to find the species of wood you want and customize the dimensions for your boards. If you already have a rough-cut slab, we can finish preparing it for you.

Make sure you have the correct lumber for your custom furniture by contacting us today.

Why you should choose Live Edge Lumber Company

Why you should choose Live Edge Lumber Company

You want to focus on your carpentry project, not worry about your lumber. Work with Live Edge Lumber Company because...

  • We can provide custom cuts to suit your needs
  • You can have us prepare the wood for you or buy it rough-cut
  • Your lumber can be shipped anywhere you want for your convenience

Contact us at 337-654-4159 to get the live-edge lumber you need for building custom furniture.